Sức mạnh của ngôn ngữ nằm trong tay người biết sử dụng chúng, đó là chìa khóa vạn năng mở ra kho tàng tri thức nhân loại, và nắm bắt cơ hội mới, hãy để chúng tôi cùng song hành trên con đường thành công của Quý Khách.
 CEO of Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpreting


Consecutive Interpreting services in Vietnam including: Hanoi, Hochiminh City

Consecutive interpreting is known as the most popular type of interpretation recently.

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter translates the speech into the target language after the source language speaker has finished speaking. The speaker and the interpreter work one after another.

Nowadays, consecutive interpreting is widely used in small business meetings of a few languages or important occasions like taking a trip to manufacturers and signing a business contract, etc. Consecutive interpreting requires the interpreter to have good short-term memory and note-taking skills so that he can convey speaker’s messages most fully and exactly. However, it is a challenge for many interpreters.

In the long years of work experience in interpreting, especially in consecutive interpreting, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation proudly owns professional interpreters who have a good expertise and wide experience in consecutive interpreting. We are honorable to serve in many international negotiations or business meetings of well known organizations such as Vietnam Airlines, BRAUNECK-KUECHEN, CJ, KFW, Herz fur Herz – Stiftung fur Leben, TDG, YS, etc.Therefore, we definitely ensure to offer the most effective consecutive interpreting services for all languages.

Why you should choose our services?

1. Professional interpreters

As the top translation company in the field of consecutive interpreting in Vietnam, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation has built a team of professional interpreters who have:

  • Excellent expertise
  • ·         Wide experience in consecutive interpreting
  • Prestige, responsibility and professional ethics

2. Effective consecutive interpreting service

As a prestigious interpreting company, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation pledges to offer the most effective consecutive interpreting services.

3. Convenience

Our professional consecutive interpreting services help you to exchange, negotiate and cooperate with foreign partners of all languages without long-term interpreters.

4. The most reasonable & competitive price

In the long years of work experience in consecutive interpreting, Focus Asia Services of Translation and Interpretation is proud of holding variety of experience, skills, techniques and knowledge background in this field. Therefore, we pledge to offer the most reasonable & competitive price for consecutive interpreting services.


English interpreter
Chinese interpreter
Japanese interpreter
Korean interpreter
French interpreter
Spanish interpreter
Russian interpreter
Italian interpreter
Arabic / Arab interpreter
German interpreter
Vietnamese interpreter
Khmer interpreter
Laos/Lao interpreter
and more


1.Professional translator with rich experiences, deep knowledge, sense of responsibility and excellent language skills.
2.Quote a price flexibly; give preferential treatment to customers
3.Commit to refund 100% of money if translating error is more than 9%
4.Absolute security for customers’ information.
5.Assume responsibility for the rate of translating process, revising by the leading quality standards systems that have gained acceptance worldwide such as N 15038: 2006, ISO 9001: 2008
6.Timeless warranty, store customers’ documents for 10 years.
7.Support customers at any times.
8.Offer free expert advice for customers with enthusiastic and experienced staffs


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