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Notarized translation Services in Hanoi

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation is one of the leading multilingual translation and localization providers based in Hanoi Vietnam. The company offer a wide range of customer-oriented services from translation, interpretation to localization, DTP and voiceovers services, based on the established mission, vision and core values which best serve the client’s demands and benefits.

The strategic focus which best builds up our core business image goes towards translation and localization services, which are provided in over 70 languages in a multitude of industries.

Translation is our core service of the company. All of our fully-qualified, professional translators work closely with other members involved in the translation process, where there are strict QA procedures in place. Moreover, we deliver around 200,000 translated words per working day, along with in-depth client consultation and full project management.

With our core service, clients are assured of professional and high quality translation tailored to their needs. Some of the benefits clients can get by using our translation service:

Comprehensive review of source text

Project management included

In-depth terminology research

Assigned to professional, mother-tongue translators

Quality assurance

Delivered on time

Cooperation with clients

Language pairs

Document translation

Legal translation

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation offers language services specifically designed for legal offices.

Thanks to its decade-long experience gained in the legal sector, Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation ensures accuracy and professionalism.

Our services are aimed at companies, legal offices of businesses, institutions, legal and commercial firms that in the field of their activity seek a competent provider of exclusive language services.

Our translations in the legal sector are expressly aimed at firms that seek quality translations. We translate legal texts, sentences, summonses, injunctions and legal briefs from and into any language combining high quality with cost efficiency.

In detail, we translate documents in the fields of:


corporate law

Legal, financial and insurance law

Commercial law and business contracts

Civil law, non-profit institutions and social enterprises

Bankruptcy and insolvency law

Sports law

Real Estate

Labour law

Book translation

Website/software translation

In the global market, it is essential for the company to present its own message online in its own language and in the target languages of its products and services. If the translation of the website in English is by now an expectation of any user, versions in Russian, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and Hindi extend the visibility of the product to millions of potential clients. Therefore, it is easier to reach the top of search engine rankings in different languages other than English, thus this service can translate into a higher return on investment for businesses.

Translation of the website is always "culture oriented", which is the adaptation of the texts to the system of the target language, the use of the conventions and a careful use of the style of the translation with editorial adjustments aimed at the local culture

Focus Asia Translation and Interpretation offers language services specifically designed for webmasters, graphic design studios and companies who need to translate their internet website. Thanks to our decade-long experience gained in the sector and to significant collaborations with important offices and graphic design consultants and webmasters in the national territory and abroad, we are able to respond to these demands.

We translate websites, catalogues, price lists, manuals, and software applications from and into any language, combining the high quality that is the fruit of our experience in the sector with the cost efficiency guaranteed by our internal resources.


Multi Translation

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