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The high demand for Vietnamese interpreting service

Like Vietnamese translation service, Vietnamese interpreting service holds great potentials for development. Although Vietnamese is not the biggest language in the world, more than 80 millions speakers inside and outside Vietnam make it have certain level influence.

In fact, there are thousand times in one day that need Vietnamese interpreting service. Any meeting, whether formal or informal, between Vietnamese and foreign people will not go on smoothly without Vietnamese interpretation. Unlike translation that you can do it on your desk, interpretation is a process that happens immediately at the same time with the meeting. Therefore, pressure of time and pressure from all the participants in the meetings make Vietnamese interpretation a much harder job.

Therefore, only highly - qualified and well - experienced Vietnamese interpreters can get over these obstacles. Because Vietnam is developing so fast in international market, the demand for Vietnamese interpreting service is becoming higher than ever and more various, ranging from telephone interpreting, conference interpreting, and so on.

With the fast growth of Vietnam recently, Vietnamese interpreting service will keep developing more and more, contributing in further development of our country.

The challenges in Vietnamese interpreting service

Interpreting is a painstaking process in which interpreter has to concentrate hardly and react immediately and flexibly. In Vietnamese interpreting service, this task is much harder because Vietnamese is a complex language in terms of words, sounds, phrases, and grammar.

Obviously, interpreters are required to focus and react really quickly and flexibly without any mistake to deliver the messages of speakers fully to the audiences. In some case, the formal atmosphere as well as the crowd can make the pressure on interpreters greater. A good interpreter is not only a person with good listening and speaking skills but also calm, and experience.Vietnamese interpreting service includes interpretation from any foreign language into Vietnamese or from Vietnamese to a target language. Although all Vietnamese interpreters have to train extensively, in some occasions,they can face a lot of difficulties because interpreters are not well-prepared or provided with necessary documents or materials for interpretation, they will have great difficulty interpreting smoothly.

As we all know, every knowledge and intellectual related career brings with its great pressure and difficulties. Vietnamese interpreting service is one of the most challenging tasks, however, if we train hard, we can enjoy the sweet taste of success.

Global language solution

The international integration raise a demand for a comprehensive global solution to language barrier. Translation companies have come into being and proved themselves to be a very effective way. Focus Asia Services, an Asian language solution, is one of the best global translation companies in the world.

Focus Asia Translation Services Company

Focus Asia Services is an internationally recognized provider of multilingual translations services which is able to translate in over 170 languages. With a network of experienced and highly qualified translators from all languages across the world, we can undertake all types of translating assignments ranging from prosecution service, the courts, municipal and county councils and industry, and many other stuffs.

 The translation process of your documents will be observed and controlled closely so that you can totally satisfied with the quality of the output materials. Moreover, customers do not have to worry about the matter of confidentiality. All employees of Focus Asia Services are trained to treat all information confidentially, as a critical element to survive stably in this business.

Focus Asia Services is always among the most reliable translation companies for language differences. In the context of globalization like today, such global translation companies have become more and more important in the development of society.

Hi Translator-to-be! Things to know about translation job

Hi Translator-to-be! Things to know about translation job

Are you a fresh language graduate? Do you find it difficult when starting out as a newbie? Are you overwhelmed realizing that reality does not simply assemble what you have learned at school? Here are a few tips that you, as a translator-to-be, may want to know before getting started with a translation job:
1.Understand your true capability
Be honest and identify how good you are as a translator. Are you fluent in the source language and the target language? Do you have knowledge in the field you are translating? Are you confident in your capability? Can you compete with other translators with many years of experience? Do not take a work that you know is not suitable for you just because you are afraid of not receiving any work. This not only takes too much of your time to spend on what you are really good at, but also results in lower-quality final product.
2.Make sure you meet the set deadline
Nothing is more frustrating for a client than a missed deadline, since it affects the whole progress of the project, which can lead to a huge loss for their business. Do not promise what you cannot give, otherwise it will create a tremendously bad image for you. Estimate an ample time to finish everything, including translation, proofreading and editing. If this is your first project and the deadline set by the client is not achievable, do not force yourself. On your further translation career, make sure you never miss a deadline. In a rare case you cannot meet the deadline for some reason, alert the client as soon as possible so they can find an alternative. However, ensure it is not repeatable.
3.Do not be afraid to communicate
Being a translator, there are times you find ambiguity in the text or a passage you do not understand, conduct a research, seek for advice from someone with expertise and/or contact the client for clarification. Even if you find a reference but still unsure, do not guess. Only by understanding the text can you translate it correctly, and accuracy is the core value of a translation document. An incorrect translation is worthless.
4.Set high standards for your final product
Do not compromise with yourself in producing anything less than your best effort. Only quality translations invite quality clients. Most clients will not tell you when they do not like your work. But they will not contact you again; even worse, they can tell their contacts that you do not offer good work. Consequently, you will lose a big deal of valuable opportunities just because you did not put enough attention to your work. Always proofread your translation carefully and do not forget to format it neatly before submitting your end product to your client. Your final work must be at its best.
5.Do not charge too low rates
Just because you are a beginner does not mean you should be paid lower than the current rates. A common excuse for a newbie to charge low rates is that he/she will not get any work otherwise. Another is lacking information of the real market or negative advice from someone. If you are confident in your ability, do not sell your work and time too cheap. A quality agency is always willing to pay for a quality work. Besides, setting your rate remarkably lower than the going one may make the client question the value of your work.
6.Prepare to work hard
As a beginner, it may take a lot of time before you can prove your talent and acquire a good translation job or gain regular customers. Do not feel discouraged if you send your CV to dozens of different companies and receive no work. A professional translator shared that she had contacted more than 400 prospective clients during her first year of business. It usually takes a year for a beginner to establish himself. Hence, be patient, good things take time.
7.Never stop improving your skills and knowledge
Being bilingual does not mean you are a good translator. In order to advance your translation career, you must prepare yourself with plenty of skills and have your skills improved and updated along the way, given the fast changing business scenario nowadays. Precious skills for a translator also include writing and computer (MS Word or similar). Translators also need good knowledge in the field needing translation, or of the cultures of both the source language and the target language.
In summary, being a translator does not mean receiving an offer and accepting it immediately. It takes several steps before you can make your final decision. Once accepting the job, you commit to the responsibility of delivering a quality product on time. Give the job all your best and for sure you will get quality clients in the future.

7 Major Factors to Consider During Language Translation

7 Major Factors to Consider During Language Translation

To be able to communicate fluently and effectively with customers, partners and personnel in other countries, you will need translation services to help you overcome the language barrier. Even if you have multilingual staff in the company, you'll still want a language specialist to ensure that your information and content is brought to the Audience accurately and quickly.
Translation is not a process to work mechanically. Many people believe that translators only change words from one language into another language. In fact, it is the art of delivering of content, remain original content and keep it consistent with the culture and way of speaking of native speakers.
Let’s see 7 major factors to consider during language translation.
Accuracy: All translations must be absolute accurate. You need to pay attention to the appropriateness of the culture and lifestyle of native speakers while translate a text.
Grammar - Spelling: If you want to translate text in a florid and flexible way, make sure you know the grammatical structure. Otherwise, make it short and simple!
Writing convention of the target language: The regulation of the use of sentences, punctuation, paragraphs also need to be noticed.
Idioms, slang and phrase: These are the things you cannot know it all no matter how long you have done the translation job. Even native speaker cannot grasp all proverbs in their language.
Writing system: Many languages such as Hebrew and Arabic language is applied the rule of read from right to left.
Consistency: When translating specialized documents, it may contain many phrases and terms which are repeated, make sure those terms are used consistently from the beginning to the end of the translation.
The rules to write numbers and dates, how to use commas and periods in the count.
Above are things that a translator must pay attention in the translation process. You can also order additional editorial and proofreading services to have a elaborate translation. These services are usually delivered by native speaker of the target language.

Interpretation service: How train yourself into a good interpreter?

Difference between interpretation and translation

Interpretation service and translation service are closely related to each other. However, translation deals with written text while interpretation is oral translation. Each job requires different skills. Translator can use dictionary and/or reference materials; express the document clearly into the target language with their writing ability. Meanwhile, interpreter must translate either consecutively or simultaneously at the spot without the help of any dictionary.

How to be a good interpreter?

In this progressing integration environment, you have to be really good to be successful in the interpretation service. But what does it mean? Some tips below may help you find the right answer:

1. Have the appropriate skills

You need to be well trained to deliver a quality interpretation service. Essential skills for this job include analysis and research, note taking, good memory and of course, excellent language skills. Regular practice is very important to make sure your skills are well maintained.

2. Prepare yourself with as much information as possible

Good preparation is always worthwhile. You should acquire knowledge on the matter you are going to deal with, know who you are interpreting for and what cultural difference you need to pay attention to. Clients are usually willing to give you useful background and/or reference materials. Be assured that they will see you as a responsible and enthusiastic partner to collaborate with.

3. Always be on time

Being an interpreter means you are indispensable for the meeting. Without the interpreter, there is no communication, which means the meeting cannot be conducted. Thus, allow you extra time to arrive and prepare yourself in advance, especially when equipment needs to be set up. Professional interpretation service never goes along with lateness.

4. Do not panic if making mistake

Even the best interpreters can sometimes make mistakes. Hence, as soon as you realize your mistake, try not to be panic, apologize and correct yourself. In case you do not understand something, ask for repetition or clarification. Accuracy is much more important in a excellent interpretation service.

Why hiring a translation company? I have multilingual employees

When doing business in today’s integration scenario, very frequently do entrepreneurs find themselves coping with language obstacle. For instance, a contract or a legal document needing translation. Do you intend to ultilise in house multilingual employees instead of hiring a translation company? In some certain situations, multilingual employees can give you the solution and save the company a little budget. However, it is highly recommended to hire a translation company to handle such projects. Wonder why? Here under are some reasons for this argument:

  1. Higher accuracy

That a person is multilingual does not mean he/she can do the translation job well. There is a wrong assumption that anyone speaking two languages is able to translate between them. It takes much more than knowing a language to translate a document, especially with industry –specific or technical one. Indeed, a translator, besides having extensive study of both the source language and the target language, also need in-depth knowledge of the two cultures as well as lots of experience to precisely interpret from one language to another. It is very hard to find a non-professional translator with all of the above requirements.

Moreover, when giving the translation request to an employee without expertise, you are putting yourself into a potential risk. What if your employee submitted an inaccurate or poor translation to clients without notice? This can tremendously damage your entire company’s professional image or worse, lead your company into litigation, if the error is found in such documents related to legal matters or contract. Remember, an inaccurate translation is worthless. A translation company usually has a team of qualified and experienced translators plus the proofreading process that can guarantee much higher accuracy. Hence, this helps minimize the chances of unfortunate consequences.

In addition, partnership with a professional translation company can give you valuable advice for your project. For example, having cultural knowledge of the country using the target language, they can provide you some tips to localize your marketing materials in a foreign market.

  1. Richer resources

Utilizing your in-house employee may be efficient in some cases, but it also comes with disadvantages. For instance, what if the person you need is unexpectedly unavailable at the required time? A professional translation agency can offer you a rich resource of qualified translators who have expertise in different languages and areas, while usually most of your employees are proficient in one specific language. In this partnership, you can just give the enquiry, and then the agency will select translators with the suitable knowledge to complete your request. This is critically important in big projects which involve multiple languages.

A translation company already has their working procedure in place while your company, to carry out an additional translation task, needs to set up a total new process. Take into account all the steps you will have to go through, including assigning staff with relevant knowledge and skills, communicating standards and requirements, researching the translation field, monitoring progress, proofreading again and again, etc. This may take an extremely tiring long time, let alone the worry of poor quality outcomes. Why not give the task to the professional, your staff can stay focus on what they are actually good at, and you will receive a much higher quality result on time.

  1. More supporting tools

One of the most important things a translation agency must own to run their business is translation memory. By reusing the content that matches the previous translation data, this system helps significantly minimize long-term costs. At the same time, it maintains the consistency of the terminologies for your future projects while creating a unique style and image for your company’s documents. Retaining this helpful system is very hard to manage in-house since it requires constant care and editing. Let the translation agency handle this investment for you instead.

Project management tools offered to you will also be far more advanced than what basic applications like MS Word or Excel can do. And in cases your employees or products change, without the proper management, inconsistency will be found. Customers can be confused or give negative reaction, in a possible circumstance whereby the same function or instruction is described in different ways. This will result in a huge loss of clients and/or decrease in sale. Outsourcing will help you avoid a lot of such potential risks.

  1. Better efficiency

Given all specializations a translation provider has, partnership will be much more effective and far less risky in the long term rather than trying to create your own tools and resources and manage the process in-house. Translation product will be delivered to you on time. And if you are not satisfied with the translation documents, their service will provide you unlimited editions until you completely accept the document. The process of proofreading and editing again and again already consumes an extreme amount of time if managed in house.

Hiring an external translation company might cost you a little bit money, but indeed save you a remarkable amount of efficiency. Instead of forcing your staff work on an out-of-scope task, release them from the task they are not familiar with and let them concentrate in what they are trained and experienced in. Efficiency cannot be guaranteed otherwise.

What are true values of a good translation?

In the progressive integration of today’s business, the importance of quality translation has been evaluated more properly. There used to be an assumption that a multilingual person is certainly a good translator, which is absolutely incorrect. Very often do enterprises ultilise in house employees in translation task, but this should only be limited to a few projects whereby translation of medium precision is acceptable. It is highly recommended to have professional involvement in important and/or big projects, leading to the fast development of several translation companies and agencies. Why is a good translation so essential? What is the impact of a poor translation? Why should we not underestimate such a job which sounds simple enough for a person speaking multiple languages?

1.    Ensuring effective communication
Good communication plays such an obviously important role in all aspects of life. It is a tool in ensuring productivity and retaining strong relationships at all levels. The world without communication would be a complete chaos. Culture could not be transmitted, commerce exchange could not be made and so on. Effective communication is at the same time exceptionally crucial in workplace. Employers who are capable of delivering clear communication will rapidly gain trust among employees while poor communication can form negativity. Translation is a communication process, thus, its influence is as vital. Precise translation will ease the chance of possible misunderstanding. In a foreign company all directions and requests must be translated correctly so that staff can implement, while collaboration can only proceed if good translation is provided when working with a foreign partner.
In addition, good communication in general and good translation in particular is the only way to enhance relationship and partnership. A wrong translation will deliver a totally different message, which not only results in a loss of relationship but also leads to other potential risks.

2.    Boosting working performance
Good translation is also a stimulation for better working performance. In nowadays business, foreign elements have more and more engaged in a domestic market, which means you will have more chances working with foreigners. Precise translation will bring great motivation for staff when being able to understand their foreign boss’s encouragement or receiving helpful advice from overseas colleagues. Besides, how can an international enterprise move forward without employees understanding thoroughly its vision and mission?

Quality translation reduces much time consumption in your work. Along with the development of technology, internet has become a storage of knowledge for you to do research and study. However, without accuracy, extracting information from internet will be a total disaster. Precise translation helps you understand the information without looking up again and again the information in various websites. Similarly, email, a popular communication way these days, requires correct translation to reduce much of user’s time sending back and forth for clarifications. Working performance certainly decreases when time is wasted otherwise.

3.    Building a professional image 
Most companies invest a considerable budget and time to ensure that all their written products in line with their direction, and translated texts are not exceptional. Their caution is for a reason.  There are many cases whereby an error in translation was made and caused the corporation a huge loss of million dollars. Even big brands such as Pepsi, KFC, Coca Cola have been made miserable due to a lack of context attention when having their marketing materials translated. The important thing is that the following consequence of this mistake was not just a failed marketing campaign, but the image of the whole corporation was tremendously damaged.

Moreover, correct translation also shows your respect to readers speaking that specific language. Not many things annoy people as much as non-sense or meaningless texts. It would be better not translated at all rather than negligently done.

4.    Promoting future development 
Another value of good translation is to keep you up with what is happening around the world. Since everything is changing rapidly in this dynamic life, you will be left behind if not updating yourself with the current trends. Everything now has gone online. Frequently will you find translated news and information when you search through the internet. If they are not correct, the information you just read is absolutely useless.

Expansion is a must for any company or it will find a lot of difficulties thriving in the competitive market.  Finding a new suitable market is not easy, but being able to access to its habitants is even harder. Quality translation is the only way to ensure your products or services can reach to foreign customers by localizing marketing materials. Again, it was stated that wrongly translated marketing materials will lead to a complete disaster.

There are a lot more to say about the true values of good translation. Language has its undeniable role and so does translation. This fast integration scenery makes correct translation even important than it has ever been. Do not waste your and others’ time on poor translation. Time is money, hence, invest wisely.

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